Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Grease Cake!

Ooooh Sandy....whhyhyhyhyyyy can't you see..that this cake is so you!! :)    
Grease is the Word!!  
I have a Grease theme cake with Sandy sitting on top. This cake was created purple  for Kelly who is now a JMU student!  
She is also playing the role of Sandy in the Grease Muscical at JMU!  
Oh... Tell me more!!
   I created Sandy in her innocent white Dance off dress!  She is made with sugar paste and I used tuile to puff out her dress! 
I do love it when she goes scandalously black too :)
I think the white dress best represents Sandy before she turns devilishly sexy for Danny..:P
 The "Grease" symbol was the hardest part to make!  
This icon is a must if you implying all things Grease symbol!! 
I created this symbol using an edible food printer to print the logo and then trace it on top of red fondant rolled out.  
Then once I cut the red car, I cut out the white part and using piping gel, adhere the grease word on the red car.  Once it basically glued to the fondant with piping gel...I used white icing to pipe in the white part to give it texture.
The first time they met...

The top of the cake!!
The JMU side of the cake ..LOL :D
"Summer Nights", in my opinion this song is one of the best duet pieces in a musical!
 Congrats Kelly!  Thanks Amanda for your support :)
I hope you  enjoyed this Butter yellow with chocolate buttercream cake!

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