Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Cupcakes & Cupcake Bites!

Delicious Christmas Treats that are fun to eat and easy to make :)

A yummy spread consisting of Red Velvet cake bites, Red Velvet cupcakes with fondant toppers, Christmas tree cake pops, and white chocolate cake pops!

 The most loved red velvet cupcake is a favorite at holidays!  The red velvet recipe I use is the McCormick's  Red velvet cake recipe.
Here is my version of a Cake Pop!  I call it a Cupcake bite and its a cake ball ( cake and frosting infusion) in a chocolate cup and then dipped in melted chocolate and then holiday sprinkles with a M&M topper or a candy drop.  It looks like a mini cupcake but it is really a cake bite!
A classic favorite for the holidays that are easy to make, the cake pops!  Here I have a Vanilla cake infused with cream cheese and fresh lime curd.   Then the it is dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with christmas nonpareils! Great Christmas favor for parties!
Lastly, my favorite sweet this year is a Christmas tree Pop!  Its so fun to make!  You make cake pops shaped in a cone shape on a stick dip it in green melted Merckens chocolate and then use a toothpick to fray out the chocolate to look like a tree!  Then top it with nerds or small pearl candies and a star confetti!  SO CUTE! I also put my pops on this really nifty cake pop tower tier made by The Cupcake TowerThis tower is awesome presentation for cupcakes and cake pops!  
Wishing you a  very happy happy Christmas!  
Please come and visit my blog again soon! :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Harry Potter Cupcakes

A tribute to my favorite fiction novel of all time - HARRY POTTER!!! I will miss all the characters and waiting for the movies to come out!  I waited too long to make these cupcakes but I finally got the opportunity to for this last movie The Deathly Hallows.  I have created Harry Potter Cupcakes with fondant toppers :)  I made each of the main characters below on a moist black chocolate cupcake! :)
Here I was experimenting with a Black onyx chocolate cake recipe and it came out really dark but not black yet but I will keep working on that recipe :) But it was still so moist and delicious!

 Here is Harry Potter as a cupcake sculpted out of fondant and drawn in with food color markers :)
 It's Harry's best friend Ron!  Ronald as a cupcake is uber cute with his freckles :P

Here is the show stealer - Hermione Granger cupcake!  She is the smartest one and is the prettiest one now! P
Oh I had to make Nagini - Voldemort's evil snake and I thought it would be soo cute to make a snake! But I'll make Voldemort the Good guys first! :P

Also the Golden snitch in which Dumbledore leaves Harry a special message! :)
When I get more time I'll make some of the other favorite characters too! Please let me know if you want so see any other characters!  I really want to make Hagrid, Dumbledore and Dobby! :P 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cupcake mold WINNER!

Thank you all for commenting on my Cupcake pop's blog post! :)

I get to announce the winner of the cupcake mold now!  I just picked  it out of a hat and it is "BRANDY" from Comment #5!  Brandy please contact me and send me your address so I can mail you your cupcake mold gift! I will get in touch with you shortly.  HOORAY!  :)

Friends - do keep checking back I will be doing more cute giveaways! :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cute Cupcake Pops Mold Giveaway! :)

 Make your very own little Cupcake pops or cupcake bites! :)  
You can do it really easily with this uber cute Little Cupcake Pop mold! 
A definite must for those cake pop lovers and a great party favor!  Yummers! 

I'm giving away one of these uber cute Cupcake pop mold to one lucky winner!!  Just leave me a comment on this Cupcake Pop post! 
Also will annouce another winner on my Cakebee Facebook too! :)

I will message you through your Blogspot and let you know if you have won at end of April and get your contact info to mail it to you!! Hooray! :)  I will pick the lucky winner at the end on April 30th!  
 Happy Spring!

Here is how you make the cupcake pops!  

For the Cupcake bites or Cupcake pops:
  1. You just bake one (1) box of cake box mix of any flavor you like - such as "Duncan Hines Red velvet" as instructed on the box
  2. Let the cake cool, once cooled you can just break the cake into pieces in a mixing bowl and then use a fork or your hands to mush the cake into crumbs... until its all little crumbles.
  3. Then mix it with 1 jar of store bought cupcake frosting ( my fave is Cream cheese)  
  4. You can also use one cake recipe of your choice of flavor mixed with about 16 oz. of frosting recipe and it will create the same texture.  I love red velvet mixed with cream this is the only time I will ever use a box mix and  already pre-made frosting mixes!  It makes a good cupcake pop!  Go Bakerella!  She is the queen who created this cupcake treat phenomena!
  •  Then scoop a spoonful of the mixture into your hands and roll the small amount of cake mixture into about a 1" inch ball.
  • Then repeat for all of the cake mixture and then place in a lined baking pan and refrigerate the balls for about 20 minutes until firm.
  • Then take out the cake balls and then press in into the mold tightly. It will look like a mini cupcake! 
  • Then gently peel out the cupcake mixture from the tip out of the mold.  It will come out easily with this mold!
  • Place the cupcake right side up and then refrigerate for about 30 minutes and then you can begin by dipping the bottom part of the cupcake and then insert a lollipop stick.
  • Then  place them stick up on the lined baking sheet until bottom chocolate is firm.
  • Then once firm you can pick up by the lollipop stick handle and then dipping them into a different color like pink or purple. 
  • While the chocolate is still shiny make sure to gently sprinkle the top and place a Mini M&M or a Yogo as a topper! :)
  • Then get a styrofoam block from Micheals and gently push the end of the lollipop stick into the styrofoam right side up to dry!
Color combinations I love for these cake pops are:
  • Any pastel color like Pink, Baby blue, Mint green, Lavender with brown chocolate bottom
  • White on top with Hot pink bottom
  • Hot pink tops with brown bottom
  • White chocolate top with Teal bottom :)
Here are cupcake bites with dark chocolate bottom and hot pink top with mini polka dot sprinkles and a brown mini M&M!  Hope you enjoy! 
Check back end of April to see if you won a cupcake mold! :) Yippeee!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pink Baby Bootie Cake

I totally adore making baby shower cakes!  Baby shower cakes are all sorts of cute and whimsy elements like bears, duckies, babies, toys, blocks...lots of fun cake techniques.   I have had these really cute baby booties cutters that I bought last year, and have been dying to have a go at making some fondant baby booties and so I finally got to use them..Yaaaay!! 
Here I have created the cake using - popular color combo of pink, brown and white for a baby girl!  Also I love adding a little teddy bear figure because its soo cute and fun to make it, as it adds a nice little touch of baby-ness to the cake!

I decided to do a stripe look because it is still elegant but fun and it really showcases the baby booties on top of the cake :) 
Also I wanted to focus the attention of the cake to the top so I piped a ring inch in from the edge of the cake, to end the stripe and focus on the saying on the cake.  I think a lot of cake design has to do with how well you bring out the elements on the cake.  

I hope have enjoyed this simply chic and elegant baby girl shower cake!  I will be making more of these fun baby booties out of fondant for boys and girls so check back here for more pictures! ~ love looove ~

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Double Dare Cake

For all the Super Sloppy Double Dare lovers from the 80's! :) 

Let me tell you I didn't grow up watching very much of this, but I have to say it was a popular show!  It even got syndicated!   I just remember very smart kids and their families going on the show to compete for cash and getting slimed and having to do crazy obstacles which sounds likes a spanking good time, if I were a kid!  LOL! :D

Well for the lovers of this crazy Nickelodeon show, I created a Double Dare cake for my friend Sahba's Birthday!  I hand sculpted everything from the stage, podiums and the famous figures you might remember ~ Marc and Harvey!

Here I am making the base of the stage with the quilting on the tiles!

As I scale out the  backdrop to match the poster board..the cake is only as good as it's back drop! :)  Also with the help of my friends Rob, Johnson and Saqib they helped me print this uber nice Double Dare background to match the cake size! It all worked out wonderfully!  I definitely feel like I'm on stage with Marc with this whole layout ..HOOORAY~!!!

I made vanilla cupcakes with green slime cream cheese and topped them with fondant tops with the Double dare logo!

haha.. I am always amazed that I get these really detailed cake requests, but I always seem to surprise myself :) I felt very crafty after I completed this cake..YAY!
Look at Marc and Harvey close uppp...they look so cute!! :D 
I made Harvey with a surprised face because he ends up stepping in slimeeeeee!

Now I am a fan of Double Dare!  And to Marc and Harvey I hope I portrayed you well :P

Friday, February 25, 2011

Red Cherry Blossom Cupcakes

One of my favorite color combination is Red, Black and white!  It is absolutely a must combination for the sheek and modern bride or girly :)  Since the Cherry blossom festival is coming up in Washington D.C in April I am going to be making different variations of Cherry blossom cupcakes.  This is my first set of cherry blossom wedding cupcake designs :) 

I create an contrasting black and white blossom cupcakes with red cherry blossoms.  I used the 3 sized blossom Ateco plunger cutters to create this design.  The cupcake is red velvet filled with cream cheese and then I cut out a circle of fondant icing to give it this elegant look.

On your left is the white cupcake with red and black details.  Then on your right is the black cupcake with the white and red details.

Which color cupcake do you like better?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bleach Anime cupcakes!

Who loves Anime?? ME!  
I'm going to Katsucon 17, an anime convention this weekend on Feb 19th, so as my inner true Otaku spoke to me... I had to make anime cupcakes!  
Guess what Anime!! :D

My favorite japanese animation (Anime), which I have religiously watched since the beginning of time is Bleach! 

I think I LOVE it because the character development is so good but because I secretly hope that there a sparking romance blossoms between Ichigo and one of the girls...I love Ichigo and Rukia.. the romance I long for... if only it were true! LOL :P

but I dont think it's gonna happen... boo hoo.. But I still love ICHIGO :D  OH I wouldn't mind if Ichigo got with Orihime too because they have the same color hair and are uber cute :D

But anyway I made these cupcakes with Bleach characters drawn in chibi style! :)  I made my favorites - the main character is Ichigo, then I love Rukia cuz I kind of look like her with my flippy hair.  Then I also really like Kon and Orihime...I think I only like the girls on the show..haha JK! Renji's hot too :)  but I had to put in KON too because he is just so adorable!
The cupcakes are made out of a fondant layer in pale nude colorand then I hand cut the hair and clothes out of fondant and drew in the face with food color pens :)

To all you Otaku fans - Enjoy these Bleach cupcakes! KANPAI!!! :)