Sunday, September 6, 2009

Future CRNA!

What is a CRNA?

I asked myself the very same question when my friend Mike asked me to make a cake for his wife, Tracy! I would like to think it stands for "Cake Recipe Naming Artist".........................but it actually stands for "Certified Register Nurse Anesthetists".

Way off!.. shows you how much cake is on my mind :D

Taa Daahh! The birthday cake that I made for Tracy! It is covered with shades of lime green and magenta polka dots. Then I hand sculpted a fondant figure of Tracy in a traditional nurse outfit!

A picture of the polka dots decorations on the side of the cake. I started the cake construction the night before by decorating the cake with polka dots.

I have made all sorts of polka dots to be placed on the cake. This process is actually very strategical as you don't want too many of the same shape or color polka dot on one side.

The night before was when I was completing the figure of Tracy. Here is her head while I am drawing the eyes and the mouth onto the face, before I connect the head to her body.

I made all her body parts a couple of days in advance so that it will be firm for when I assemble. Then I put her body together and made clothing for her figure using white fondant. I carefully positioned her body to sit on the cake and then I place on the head to complete the figure.

Here is the completed figure ready to go on the cake. There are support toothpicks under her figure to keep her on the cake.

Here is the day of pick up where I take pictures of the cake with nartural daylight!

Yay! Tracy's birthday cake is Chocolate butter cake with Raspberry Buttercream and it's traveling all the way to Maryland :D

I have her cake wrapped up in a cake box with the lid taped half open because the figure is too high for me to close the box. I also created a viewing window to the cake by taping saran wrap over the open area of the box so you can still see the cake. Now you've just created your own window cake box! Nifty, huh?! I love cake boxes with windows and being able to see the cake. Yay!

Wonderful birthday wishes to my friend Tracy and her future as a CRNA! Hooray ^_~