Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Cupcakes & Cupcake Bites!

Delicious Christmas Treats that are fun to eat and easy to make :)

A yummy spread consisting of Red Velvet cake bites, Red Velvet cupcakes with fondant toppers, Christmas tree cake pops, and white chocolate cake pops!

 The most loved red velvet cupcake is a favorite at holidays!  The red velvet recipe I use is the McCormick's  Red velvet cake recipe.
Here is my version of a Cake Pop!  I call it a Cupcake bite and its a cake ball ( cake and frosting infusion) in a chocolate cup and then dipped in melted chocolate and then holiday sprinkles with a M&M topper or a candy drop.  It looks like a mini cupcake but it is really a cake bite!
A classic favorite for the holidays that are easy to make, the cake pops!  Here I have a Vanilla cake infused with cream cheese and fresh lime curd.   Then the it is dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with christmas nonpareils! Great Christmas favor for parties!
Lastly, my favorite sweet this year is a Christmas tree Pop!  Its so fun to make!  You make cake pops shaped in a cone shape on a stick dip it in green melted Merckens chocolate and then use a toothpick to fray out the chocolate to look like a tree!  Then top it with nerds or small pearl candies and a star confetti!  SO CUTE! I also put my pops on this really nifty cake pop tower tier made by The Cupcake TowerThis tower is awesome presentation for cupcakes and cake pops!  
Wishing you a  very happy happy Christmas!  
Please come and visit my blog again soon! :)