Monday, November 9, 2009

Mom's love Chanel!

Every girl dreams of Chanel and every girl deserves one :)  
For my mothers birthday I made her a pink Chanel make-up bag!

This was actually my version of a chanel make up bag I made the cake before I actually saw the Chanel make up bag.

Here is a picture of the new Chanel cosmetic bag.

The birthday cake is Vanilla Bean Cake with strawberry buttercream.  
To make the cake, I used a clay extruder gun to squeeze out fondant to make the rope border and a small fine quilter to quilt the pattern on the fondant. Then a zig zag quilter to make the zipper. 

 Here is the close up where you cake see the rope border along the quilted sides.
I had my friend Saqib help me pump the fondant out because it take massive strength to get a long consistent rope! 

Here I used the Zigzag quilter by Wilton to make the zipper line.

I attached side strap attachments for the make up bag but I ran out of time to make my mom the straps to the bag but its ok since this is a cosmetic bag.   I also decided to add black leather reinforced corners because it made the bag look much better. 

I loved this cake, it is so cute!   And next month I have more Chanel cakes to come.

Also these pictures where taken with my new camera the Panasonic LUMIX so the macros quality is so much clearer!  YAH!! :D

Check back for more fun birthday cake pictures :)