Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pink Baby Bootie Cake

I totally adore making baby shower cakes!  Baby shower cakes are all sorts of cute and whimsy elements like bears, duckies, babies, toys, blocks...lots of fun cake techniques.   I have had these really cute baby booties cutters that I bought last year, and have been dying to have a go at making some fondant baby booties and so I finally got to use them..Yaaaay!! 
Here I have created the cake using - popular color combo of pink, brown and white for a baby girl!  Also I love adding a little teddy bear figure because its soo cute and fun to make it, as it adds a nice little touch of baby-ness to the cake!

I decided to do a stripe look because it is still elegant but fun and it really showcases the baby booties on top of the cake :) 
Also I wanted to focus the attention of the cake to the top so I piped a ring inch in from the edge of the cake, to end the stripe and focus on the saying on the cake.  I think a lot of cake design has to do with how well you bring out the elements on the cake.  

I hope have enjoyed this simply chic and elegant baby girl shower cake!  I will be making more of these fun baby booties out of fondant for boys and girls so check back here for more pictures! ~ love looove ~

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Double Dare Cake

For all the Super Sloppy Double Dare lovers from the 80's! :) 

Let me tell you I didn't grow up watching very much of this, but I have to say it was a popular show!  It even got syndicated!   I just remember very smart kids and their families going on the show to compete for cash and getting slimed and having to do crazy obstacles which sounds likes a spanking good time, if I were a kid!  LOL! :D

Well for the lovers of this crazy Nickelodeon show, I created a Double Dare cake for my friend Sahba's Birthday!  I hand sculpted everything from the stage, podiums and the famous figures you might remember ~ Marc and Harvey!

Here I am making the base of the stage with the quilting on the tiles!

As I scale out the  backdrop to match the poster board..the cake is only as good as it's back drop! :)  Also with the help of my friends Rob, Johnson and Saqib they helped me print this uber nice Double Dare background to match the cake size! It all worked out wonderfully!  I definitely feel like I'm on stage with Marc with this whole layout ..HOOORAY~!!!

I made vanilla cupcakes with green slime cream cheese and topped them with fondant tops with the Double dare logo!

haha.. I am always amazed that I get these really detailed cake requests, but I always seem to surprise myself :) I felt very crafty after I completed this cake..YAY!
Look at Marc and Harvey close uppp...they look so cute!! :D 
I made Harvey with a surprised face because he ends up stepping in slimeeeeee!

Now I am a fan of Double Dare!  And to Marc and Harvey I hope I portrayed you well :P