Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bleach Anime cupcakes!

Who loves Anime?? ME!  
I'm going to Katsucon 17, an anime convention this weekend on Feb 19th, so as my inner true Otaku spoke to me... I had to make anime cupcakes!  
Guess what Anime!! :D

My favorite japanese animation (Anime), which I have religiously watched since the beginning of time is Bleach! 

I think I LOVE it because the character development is so good but because I secretly hope that there a sparking romance blossoms between Ichigo and one of the girls...I love Ichigo and Rukia.. the romance I long for... if only it were true! LOL :P

but I dont think it's gonna happen... boo hoo.. But I still love ICHIGO :D  OH I wouldn't mind if Ichigo got with Orihime too because they have the same color hair and are uber cute :D

But anyway I made these cupcakes with Bleach characters drawn in chibi style! :)  I made my favorites - the main character is Ichigo, then I love Rukia cuz I kind of look like her with my flippy hair.  Then I also really like Kon and Orihime...I think I only like the girls on the show..haha JK! Renji's hot too :)  but I had to put in KON too because he is just so adorable!
The cupcakes are made out of a fondant layer in pale nude colorand then I hand cut the hair and clothes out of fondant and drew in the face with food color pens :)

To all you Otaku fans - Enjoy these Bleach cupcakes! KANPAI!!! :)


lisa said...

these are so cute!! :) good job sally :)

Serah Alabi ♥ said...

hahah sweet

hugh serah ♥

Princess Dieter said...

We wanted to have a BLEACH party for my husband's birthday last June, but locally, just not easy to get the stuff. We love the anime and though we started on it in English, I switched to the Japanese (prefer the sound and don't have to wait for translations, just watch the streaming subbed ones). One of the few we stick with past the high episode count.

And how hot was Final Getsuga Ichigo. Holy cow! Bring back the long black hair and blue wrappings, wooo!!!!!

Thanks for the view of the cool cupcakes. I'm jealous of your local folks who can order them.