Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fairyland Cake

Glimpse of the beautiful Fairy Land cake!   If you ever get a chance to see one I would imagine that this is what the landscape would look like!   Here is one of my most detailed and glamorous cakes yet! 

The cake is a large chocolate yule log with vanilla and chocolate buttercream and then dusted with cocoa powder.  The fairy is sculpted and her outfit is a black leotard with green and blue leaves with black, green and blue iridescent wings.

The birds eye view of the landscape of the fairy. 

 I sculpted all the fairyland creatures on the cake.  Its a chipmunk!
 A cute little frog floating on a lily pad..ribbit!
This little frog is burrowing in the mud.
 Here is a little field mouse ..looks like ratatouille :)

A tropical lily blossoming on the log.  I created from gelatin these fantasy butterflies and forest mushrooms for them to be on :)
A monarch butterfly created with gelatin method and food color markers, disco dust and flower stamen :)
 A baby tropical rain forest butterfly!
The prettiest fairy of all is the blue fairy!  I created this fairy with a black leotard with leaf detailing and a tutu that is blue and green leaves.  The blue fairy has blue eyes and accessorized with blue hair piece and she has a bright teal butterfly in her palms. 


Emily said...

Sally this is so pretty!

lisa said...

sally this cake is seriously too pretty to eat!

Anonymous said...

yes, too pretty to eat, is beautiful in every details

herwaisechoice said...

Oh my gosh-- you're so impressive! I'm very curious, though: decorating aside, do you prefer to eat cakes with or without fondant? I for one hate the taste of it (but it looks so darn pretty). Do you enjoy the taste of it?