Monday, February 22, 2010

Glamourous Snowflakes

Snowflakes are one of nature's most fragile things, but just look at what they can do when they stick together!   Congrats to my friend Maria and Andrew and there simply elegant cascading snowflake wedding cake!
I dropped the cake off at The Gathering Place in Clarksburg, MD ... its pretty far from good ol' VA.

The cake sizing is Round 6", 9" and 12"  and the cake flavor is Red Velvet cake with cream cheese filling.  A definite favorite among cake flavors!  The cake is designed with a red fondant ribbon trim with gold and pearl dusted snowflakes adorned with silver dragees :)

Here are the flakes of snow I have made using 3 different sized snowflakes!  I have dusted them with gold or pearl dust, soooo shiny!  I shall now pile them on the top of the cake for a beautiful formation of sporadic snowflakiness :)

Here I have the cake stacked and then I just applied the red fondant strips as borders around the cake.  Be sure to take the length of your cake and times it by the circumference to get the length you need for your cake ribbon.
So say your cake is a Round 6"inch then,
6" x pi (3.14159...) = 18.85 inches of ribbon needed around the cake
This is how  you measure the length of ribbon you need to border the side of cake for Round cakes.
Arranged the snowflakes ever so gently and flowing.  Simply, snowy and serene :)

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Maria said...

The best cake ever! =) Of course, i may be a little biased ;-). Anyways, thanks so much for such a beautiful cake! And everyone couldn't get enough of it!! I know who to come to when I want a cake now =)