Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Destiny calls for a LOST cake...

It's the "Final" season for those devoted "LOST" fans!

I have never seen the TV show "LOST" and when doing research for this cake I would say that I got many different opinions about the show.   Despite the cloudy reviews, I still needed to careful examine some of the many details for this cake.   I was able to gather valuable details about each component I had to create from fellow friends and followers of the show :)

 I was very excited to make this LOST cake and I definitely agree to the fact that this was one of my most intricately detailed cakes yet.

First I was to create the LOST Island from the TV show..  

Here are all the other components on the LOST cake which includes:
1) a Polar bear
2) the Four toed foot statue
3) the Oceanic airplane
4) Main Dharma logo
5) Sharks
6) Smoke Monster

The four toed foot statue from Season 2!

Here is the smoke monster and that was made out of cotton candy with black powdered food coloring.

Here is the LOST Dharma logo on a luggage floating near the sharks!!

The Oceanic plan crash!!!

Here are some of the characters from LOST...can you guess which ones??  
I haven't drawn the faces in yet!

If you guessed Locke and Jack you are winnerss!! :D

 AHHHH!  Locke meets the Smoke monster!!! :D

 The back side of the cake!  There is a dharma logo on the island!! :P

The hand sculpted Jack and Locke figures in mini forms which are about 3-4 inches tall!
WOW!  I was soo uber amazed at the look of this cake!   
I adore it and now I am a LOST fan!   
I hope Shannon enjoys this fantabulous cake! :D


PamCakes said...

WOW! This is AWESOME Sally!!!! Looks like it took A LOT of time!

Anonymous said...

Hi, sorry if you already know this, but the famous Cake Wrecks blog is looking for Lost cakes for it's next Sunday Sweets (the one day of the week they post pics of amazing cakes instead of awful cakes). You should send a pic of this cake in, it is just awesome!