Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sayonara Sailor

Sayonara Brett!

Here I bid farewell to Brandon's brother Brett with a sailboat cake! There is a fondant figure of Brett is sitting on a boat wearing his white navy uniform. During Thanksgiving weekend, I spent a good 2 days devoted to making this cool boat cake for Brett's goodbye party on Saturday. Hooray!!!

I started off baking a vanilla bean sheet cake and I am using Irish cream buttercream filling and frosted with vanilla buttercream :) After I have filled each layer I have stacked the cakes and trimmed away the sides of the cake to make a boat shape.

Here is the cake covered with the crumb coat of buttercream.

Here I am rolling white fondant and coloring it with different shades of brown. I wanted to make sure that you could see different waves of brown.

After I have rolled out the brown wood fondant, I cut long lengthwise strips of it and applied it to the cake in sections. I worked in sections so then I scored the cake so later it will look like planks of wood.

Awesome! The boat is completely covered in fondant wood! Taaa dah!!! Now it is time to completed the fondant figure I made of Brandon's brother, Brett. I know.. its looks like a real person!

So after many hours of construction on his arms and legs I carefully piece him together and place him on the boat cake.

Here I go... piping waves of blue buttercream onto the side of the cakes so that we know the cake is afloat :)

Hooray! Here is my nifty little sail boat cake!!

And here it is... gone!! Yummy!

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