Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Baby Pink Cake

What girl can deny a Baby Pink Cake? I absolutely adore all shades of pink colored cakes! This past weekend I made a Baby Shower Cupcake Tower for a friend coworker. My close coworker friends help me support my passion for baking as you can see :)
The cupcakes were Vanilla and Chocolate cupcakes decorated with Baby Pink Vanilla Buttercream! (recipes are linked above.)

The thing that I am most proud of is the 6" inch cake on the top with the cute little baby with a blanket and polka dots.

It took me quite long because this was my first time making a 2 layered fondant cake and with a realistic looking baby made from fondant...Here is the close up of the fondant made baby.

The cake is to have a base layer of Pink colored Fondant and then a white layer over the pink to look like a blanket and then topped with a fondant made baby.
So funny story...this past weekend, I kept saying, " I need to make the baby or I need to make the baby tonight or I'll forget." And my boyfriend would look at me funny and say "Don't say that soo loud." It was hilarious because it sounded like I was trying to have a baby literally..LOL.

So that is my funny story about the baby shower cake :D

You're not laughing..... :D

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