Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday!

The picture you see here is the final birthday cake! Soo cute! This is my first fondant cake decorated with a human girl figure.

This was a cake for a 25th Birthday! Girls do not look forward to this age.
I remember when I turned 25, I kept thinking OMG! I'm getting old...
LOL, I think the only thing that you can look forward to is the car insurance going down :)

Here, I have a
Red velvet cake layered with cream cheese buttercream covered in white fondant. The plan is to decorate the cake with different sized polka dots in purple, yellow, red and hot pink.

I was asked to make a skinny, dark skinned, filipino girl on the birthday cake. I decided to make the fondant girl in a strapless hot pink dress with a cute matching purse :)

Here is the first girlie I made to go on the cake...

When you make a human out of fondant it is always good to make the body parts ahead and let them harden a little...which I did NOT do because I was pressed for time and you will see bad results below...

What you want to do here is make the torso first, the torso should consist of the upper body and the hips.

Insert a 1/2 toothpick through its neck area leaving the stick end out of the body to connect the head. Then stick a toothpick out of the bottom area leaving the pointy end outside about 1/2 inch, because you need that to connect to the legs or stick into the cake.

Then lay the torso out its back to let it harden overnight. This will harden the body and make it stable for you. So you can avoid having the figure sink due to gravity..GRAVITY I SAY...which is what happened to me.. :)

**TIP**I say its always safer to make the torso much thinner than you want, because you will be adding a layer of fondant for the clothes the people will naturally look more plump. Unless the figure is meant to be chubby.

So my friend Sandy was over and she helped me with the first fondant girl I made.

**TIP** If you smooth shortening over the body it keeps the fondant from harden too fast so that you can work the body better. Also, when kneading the fondant if you add a little shortening at a time, it makes it more pliable when you knead it.

Then you continue by making her arms and legs. For these you make them limb by limb its easier to attach that way. I didn't let my torso harden so when I added the arms and the legs on the upper body sank into the legs ...SO gravity took a toll on her body and so now she looks squat and pear shaped..OH NO!!!

This is my first time making a human figure out of fondant and I have never sculpted with Clay or Sculpey like my friends have, so little did I know that she was going to sink...sigh... Here I attempted to put the girl on the cake...

UGH.... I am NOT happy with this girl...she seems too chubby and cartoonish...and when my brother looked at the cake, he started laughing and said " its looks like Kelly Kapur from The Office!!"

I decided I would remake the girl the next night.
Here is my second attempt...

Ok, I'm not happy with this body, it is still too chubz. I decided to remake it again. This has really become a baking!

Argh.. I am a bit frustrated right now... but must remain calm...I will work late into the night if I must... I do not settle for any must be PERFECT :P

YIPPPIEE!!~ This is the right size! I am soo thrilled!!!!

Hooray...then I fashioned her head with a ball of the same skin colored fondant. Then rolled out a piece of circle with the dark brown to cover the part of the head and trimmed the fondant to look like her hair. I pushed the head into the body with the toothpick! Waaa Laaa!

I used Food Color Writer Pens to draw the face on the girlie!

I decided to do a comparison in size, so I held up my Kelly Kapur figure and the new figure that I made to compare....

MY GOSH! Yesh...I'm soo glad I remade'm VERY HAPPY with the new piece!


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