Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be My Valentine Heart Cake Pops!

Be My Valentine!  
I just simply had to make these heart shaped valentine's day cake pops for my peeps! :)
~I started off with a Yummy Pink velvet cake recipe~
Mix Mix Mix..
Then I baked the cake and then once cake is cooled. In a bowl crumbled up the cake and mix it with cream cheese frosting and then ball them pressed it on a plate and then use a small cookie cutter pressed out the heart shape. 
Then using a fun striped paper straw then gently dip that in chocolate and then push the heart shaped cake mixture into a the paper straw.   Place each pop on a parchment lined pan and place in to the fridge to firm up!   You will get a nice heart shape for each cake pop!
Once firmed up you can dip them in which ever valentine's day color you love more!   I dipped mine in both Hot pink and Red hot!  

I love how both of them came out!!  
Then I also added these super cute pink chicks in the goodie bags :)
These Valentine's heart cake pops were so fun and cute to make!  For all move lovely friends I made little goodie bags with the heart cake pops and a cute chickie!

Happy Valentine's Day!!  XOXOXO! :)

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