Sunday, May 31, 2009

Modern Polka Dot Cake

I crafted a modern polka dot cake this weekend for my friend Emily and Frank for the Lee Wedding on May 29, 2009. Emily's wedding cake is very snazzy cute! Her cake is made of white vanilla fondant with 6 different shades of red and pink colored polka dots of 8 different sizes with these cuddly tweet love bird toppers!

I absolutely love the "Tweet" love bird toppers which are hand felted from Mel at FeltMeUpDesigns in the UK and she's is all about creating these adorable tweet birds and all other sorts of cute! You can order your custom toppers from her shop on :) This is a great site to look for handmade toppers that can make your wedding cake unique!

I have all the polka dots ready and I'm about to pipe the final pearl border. Then my lovely cake is ready for transport!

Emily's Wedding cake sizing is 4", 6", 8" and 10"-inch stacked cakes. Her cake flavor was vanilla bean cake with strawberry buttercream.

It was going to be difficult for me to do that many colors of fondant polka dots at once. It would have taken me a lot of labor hours to do it all myself with out the fondant drying up on me.
I was very happy that I recieved help from my best friend, Patricia and my god sister, Jennifer with the polka dot decorating, we made a great team ^_~

Jennifer cut out the polka dots while Patricia and I applied all different sized polka dots from the top tier down to the bottom tier.

Here are the mini polka dots Jennifer made using a straw! Lovely like confetti but edible!

Here is a close up of all the polka dots on the Emily's Wedding cake.

I was invited to Emily's wedding so here I am at Emily's Wedding Reception location at China Garden in Rosslyn, VA and this is her cake table!! ^_^ I got lots of compliments on my cake and how it looks like my dress! Totally unintentional! LOL :) This was by far my favorite cake to make I just love the whimsy and fun look of it!

Continue to check back for more picture updates :)


feltmeup designs said...

the cake looks amazing... and your dress matches it! thanks for pimping my tweets, it's always fun doing work for you!

aus_chick said...

omg, this is beautiful!!!

sarangy said...

sally! hahaha i saw your cakes on my cousin's website (! your cakes are so pretty!!