Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Wedding Cake

On Memorial Day May 25th, 2009, I created 2 cakes for the Wong Wedding, for my friend's Daniel and Jen. The wedding cake is a fuchsia pink fondant cake with quilting pattern and swiss dots on the intersections of the pattern. I did the floral arrangement on the cake with white orchids and the cake toppers are ceramic white love birds from Micheal's :)

The sizing is 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch stacked cakes and the cake flavors are Chocolate cake with chocolate amaretto ganache and lemon with lemon curd.

I also created a Grooms Cake tailored to the Grooms favorite game, the Rubik's Cube! This cake was carrot cake with cream cheese filling..yummers :)

Here is their lovely cake table setup in the Library at Oxon Hill Manor! And me with my cake creations! A special THANKS to all my friends Patricia, Jennifer, John, and Brandon - to help me with the creation of my cakes and to cope with my stress that comes with the hardships of a cake designer :)

Later the cakes were moved outside for the cake cutting ceremony! Yay!

Now here are some action shots of me and my helpers with me to complete this cake!

Here I am doing the quilting pattern on Jen's fondant pink cake.

My lovely helpers Jennifer and Patricia cutting out fondant squares for the Groom's cake.

In this picture Jennifer and I are discussing the measurements between each square on the cake.

Jennifer is applying the squares onto the cake.

John is inserting all the dowels onto the wedding cake.

Here is my nice boyfriend inserting the support dowel through the entire cake! The key is to insert a dowel through the bottom 3 tiers and have the dowel stick out about 2 inchs over that and then center and gently press the top tier into the lower tiers so the dowel is hidden from view but this will make transporting your cake almost error proof if you have the entire support dowel going through all the cakes.

Here I added in the final top cake layer and now the cake is ready in the box to go into the fridge until I transport it tomorrow! I have to pipe the final decorations tomorrow before I take it to the wedding!

I am piping away all the swiss dots on the quilt and the pearl border. I have finally completed the cake design and it is ready for tranport! I can't wait till we eat it! Hope you have enjoyed all the details of this wedding cake creation! :)

A special THANKS to all my friends Patricia, Jennifer, John , and Brandon - whom helped me with the creation of my cakes...coping with my all the stress that comes with the hardships of a cake designer


silvanausa said...

wowo beutiful cake and color

Simone said...

Hey very pretty cakes :) but i just wanted to know, as i seen that your cake was sweating in the pic before you could ice the pearls but in the last pic of the finished cake it was dry as ever... how did u manage to get it so dry?