Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Designer Tokidoki Cake

I was asked to create an edible art piece to showcase at an Art event with friends this weekend. So I decided to make a Tokidoki inspired designer cake :D The designer for LeSportsac created this Japanese inspired animated character print for Handbags and accessories.

Here are some of my favorite Prints:

The Original Tokidoki Print

The Inferno Print

The L'Amore Print

With these cute designs being my took me a total of 3 days to make the pieces to go onto the cake. I spent all Thursday prepping and Friday baking the cake &
fillings and assembling the layers to refrigerate. I baked a Butter Yellow Cake with Chocolate Ganache filling and crumb coated my cake with vanilla buttercream and the most outer is covered with rolled fondant, On Saturday 8/2/08 had spent about 5 hours prior to the event,make all the cute little prints and covering the cake with fondant and putting the decorations on the cake. I made some pieces here and there. Now I am ready to decorate! Yoshi! :D

Here are the really adorable Moofia characters that are milk cartons or baby bottles and the little Spikey pups!
So I finally drove this 2 tiered cake to Rockville Maryland and assembled it. Here is the final Product! I'm soo proud! :)

A picture of me holding my delicate Tokidoki fragile...
Then it was eaten by :)

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