Monday, October 1, 2012

Elegant Black & White Wedding Cakes

I just love simple and Elegant black & white wedding cakes.  
Here I have a 4 tiered Round wedding cake  that has alternating black lace print with simple white tier tied with satin black ribbon ad embellishment.  
This Black tie wedding cake is just so regal!

The black lace detail is all made of fondant and piped

Here is the focal point of the wedding cake :)

I have another love for just all simply white wedding cakes, it is very classy and so serene.  I have below a all White multi-shaped wedding cake - this is a 3-tiered cake with a Round, Hexagon and then Square bottom.  The top tier is decorated with swiss dots, the second tier is piped with lily of the valley, and the last tier is elegant pearlized leaves with stems and scattered silver dragees .  The pearlized leaves and silver dragees is my most popular cake design pattern!   yes, can you believe Cakebee's most popular design! yay! check out my website I have done this cake design about 5 times :D 

Hope you enjoyed my favorite Black and white wedding cake designs for 2013  :D Check back soon for a blog about my wedding cake design!   and YES, I AM GETTING MARRIED  :)


noone said...

ahhhh wedding cakes :D haha I've already planned on what my cake will look like eventhough I'm not even close to being engaged. I just love dainty looking cakes!

LondonCakeLover said...
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LondonCakeLover said...

For both of you who desire to have a chocolate cake and a naked cake you can meet half way like this Chocolate cake and salted caramel semi naked cake and finishing touch with Marsala coloured blooms and gold dusted blackberries as wedding cake

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