Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Channel your Chanel!

Birthdays are a great time to pamper your female loved ones with CHANEL!  A "Pretty in Pink" Chanel bag for my friend Sue! :) 

I started with layering the Red Velvet cake in layers to be the shape of the purse standing up!  The Red Velvet cake recipe I use is the best and moist I have ever found, I absolutely love it!   I tried about 6 recipes before I appreciated this one :D

I also used a reference picture of the real pink Chanel handbag below:

After careful examination of the bags... I made all the seperate compotes I needed for the cake.  I carved out the cake with the shape and then laid pink fondant over it.

Then I quilted the front side and the width side of the cake then I rolled out another piece of fondant and cut it as the width and measured it to the height plus the height of the cake and quilted it.  Then I lifted off that piece of fondant and laid it over the cake. 

When it is layered over the already covered cake pul the 2 ends a little to stretch it so it looks like the flap of the handbag.

Then I had made the Coco Chanel logo using circle cookie cutters and then trimming out the sides so the look like the letter "C" and also made gold circles for the holes of the handbag's handles.  So I made yellow fondant pieces and then brushed it with gold pearl dust.

Then I used  pink ribbon and used a Clay gun to extrude a rope with yellow fondant  and then I brushed in with gold pearl dust and then braided it with the pink ribbon.

Once I braided the chain for the Chanel bag, I had to use a cookie cutter to cut out circles at the top of the cake, then I attach the gold circles with the bottom brushed with water to attach it to the purse cake. Then I used royal icing to attach the chain as the strap of the purse.

Yay!  The gold chain is attached and the Chanel signature logo is attached as part of the purse flap!  The cake is ready to go!!  Always take lots of pictures!!  I love Chanel bags, they are soo fabulous! :D

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drbennettdc said...

This is a beautiful cake. I am curious what shade of pink you used to achieve the soft pink.