Sunday, April 19, 2009

Coral Wedding Cake

As the wedding season begins, Spring is a lovely time to have vibrant colors for your wedding! Here is a cake that I created using coral colors. This cake was more modern in design with tiers that were different shapes. The top tier is a 6-inch square, then the middle tier is a 10-inch round and then bottom tier is a 12-inch square cake! Its not your traditional design... I loved this design a lot!

Here are some shots of my pearl border piping and a picture of the cake after I have completed stacking it.

This past weekend I delivered a wedding cake to Fredericksburg, VA. I have to admit that the drive was horrible. It took my brother and I, an hour and 45 minutes to get there when it was only suppose to take 54 minutes. I was very nervous because of the traffic and I was suppose to be a the reception by 1:30 but I didnt get there till 2 pm! Talk about being stressed.... I had about 45 minutes to get the flowers ready on the cake. Thats not so bad since the reception was suppose to start at 3 pm.

With the floral arrangement to create and I was provided a bundle of flowers and a topper. When I got there, I put my brother to work, making him cut me single stems of each flower so that I can pick them up and bundle it together and wrap it with floral tape. It was a good thing that I was prepared for all this floral work... puahaha :)I always recommend that bakers bring floral tape, scissors, floral wire and all other equipment like piping bags, extra frosting, extra tips, and spatulas.

Joe and Wendy's cake were accented with coral colored roses and carnations with purple and yellow greenery. The cake was decorated with swiss dots on all the layers and the border was beaded. The cake flavors were Red Velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream and Butter Yellow with strawberry buttercream. I think the cake looks lovely...hooray! I hope you enjoyed another episode of my wedding cake adventures :)

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