Monday, October 1, 2012

Elegant Black & White Wedding Cakes

I just love simple and Elegant black & white wedding cakes.  
Here I have a 4 tiered Round wedding cake  that has alternating black lace print with simple white tier tied with satin black ribbon ad embellishment.  
This Black tie wedding cake is just so regal!

The black lace detail is all made of fondant and piped

Here is the focal point of the wedding cake :)

I have another love for just all simply white wedding cakes, it is very classy and so serene.  I have below a all White multi-shaped wedding cake - this is a 3-tiered cake with a Round, Hexagon and then Square bottom.  The top tier is decorated with swiss dots, the second tier is piped with lily of the valley, and the last tier is elegant pearlized leaves with stems and scattered silver dragees .  The pearlized leaves and silver dragees is my most popular cake design pattern!   yes, can you believe Cakebee's most popular design! yay! check out my website I have done this cake design about 5 times :D 

Hope you enjoyed my favorite Black and white wedding cake designs for 2013  :D Check back soon for a blog about my wedding cake design!   and YES, I AM GETTING MARRIED  :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Signature Stripe Birthday cakes!

In celebration of my Big "3-0" Birthday that past, I am finally getting to posting my birthday cake picture!  But I am going to show all the purdy birthday cakes I have made!  I love stripes as they just make such an elegant yet modern look :)  I think this is my signature Cakebee birthday cake you can see I have created many many of them! LOL :D
Here is the first of many! :) 
Here I have a pretty in pink birthday cake with delicate mini roses.
Spring sage green and white stripe birthday cake with daisies on it for Jackie!
A pastel purple and white striped cake for my friend Linda adorned with pastel colored butterflies :)
An elegant ivory striped cake  with a bow for an engagement cake!
A shades of purple stripe cake with bright colored roses and mini pastel butterflies! 
Here is my 30th Birthday cake with a turquoise stripe that is adorned with mini pink and ivory roses :)
Hope you enjoyed all the Cakebee signature designs for birthday cakes!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be My Valentine Heart Cake Pops!

Be My Valentine!  
I just simply had to make these heart shaped valentine's day cake pops for my peeps! :)
~I started off with a Yummy Pink velvet cake recipe~
Mix Mix Mix..
Then I baked the cake and then once cake is cooled. In a bowl crumbled up the cake and mix it with cream cheese frosting and then ball them pressed it on a plate and then use a small cookie cutter pressed out the heart shape. 
Then using a fun striped paper straw then gently dip that in chocolate and then push the heart shaped cake mixture into a the paper straw.   Place each pop on a parchment lined pan and place in to the fridge to firm up!   You will get a nice heart shape for each cake pop!
Once firmed up you can dip them in which ever valentine's day color you love more!   I dipped mine in both Hot pink and Red hot!  

I love how both of them came out!!  
Then I also added these super cute pink chicks in the goodie bags :)
These Valentine's heart cake pops were so fun and cute to make!  For all move lovely friends I made little goodie bags with the heart cake pops and a cute chickie!

Happy Valentine's Day!!  XOXOXO! :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fashion Stiletto Shoe Cakes :)

Spring is always a lovely time to get new shoes! Or maybe a Spring Stiletto Shoe cake? 
Every girl deserves a new pair of shoes.. how about ones that are edible :)   
I have two lovely cakes that display sugar shoes!:
 A pastel pink fondant cake and the cake flavors are vanilla bean cake with vanilla bean buttercream. The cake is quilted and then I added white flowers with pink dragees and a pearl necklace made out of gumpaste!
I have the blue turquoise blossoms that I am made with silver dragees to place on my Tiffany Blue cake :) 

 Completed the pretty stilletto shoes and pearl dusted it, then applied the turquoise blossoms that I love that matches the cake!

Then you place the stiletto shoe toppers on the cak with a little bit of white stiff frosting so they stay in place and your cake is finito!  I also sell this Stiletto shoe cake topper on my Cakebee Etsy! This is one of my favorite cakes to make!  The cake is so elegant and fashionable!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Cupcakes & Cupcake Bites!

Delicious Christmas Treats that are fun to eat and easy to make :)

A yummy spread consisting of Red Velvet cake bites, Red Velvet cupcakes with fondant toppers, Christmas tree cake pops, and white chocolate cake pops!

 The most loved red velvet cupcake is a favorite at holidays!  The red velvet recipe I use is the McCormick's  Red velvet cake recipe.
Here is my version of a Cake Pop!  I call it a Cupcake bite and its a cake ball ( cake and frosting infusion) in a chocolate cup and then dipped in melted chocolate and then holiday sprinkles with a M&M topper or a candy drop.  It looks like a mini cupcake but it is really a cake bite!
A classic favorite for the holidays that are easy to make, the cake pops!  Here I have a Vanilla cake infused with cream cheese and fresh lime curd.   Then the it is dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with christmas nonpareils! Great Christmas favor for parties!
Lastly, my favorite sweet this year is a Christmas tree Pop!  Its so fun to make!  You make cake pops shaped in a cone shape on a stick dip it in green melted Merckens chocolate and then use a toothpick to fray out the chocolate to look like a tree!  Then top it with nerds or small pearl candies and a star confetti!  SO CUTE! I also put my pops on this really nifty cake pop tower tier made by The Cupcake TowerThis tower is awesome presentation for cupcakes and cake pops!  
Wishing you a  very happy happy Christmas!  
Please come and visit my blog again soon! :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Harry Potter Cupcakes

A tribute to my favorite fiction novel of all time - HARRY POTTER!!! I will miss all the characters and waiting for the movies to come out!  I waited too long to make these cupcakes but I finally got the opportunity to for this last movie The Deathly Hallows.  I have created Harry Potter Cupcakes with fondant toppers :)  I made each of the main characters below on a moist black chocolate cupcake! :)
Here I was experimenting with a Black onyx chocolate cake recipe and it came out really dark but not black yet but I will keep working on that recipe :) But it was still so moist and delicious!

 Here is Harry Potter as a cupcake sculpted out of fondant and drawn in with food color markers :)
 It's Harry's best friend Ron!  Ronald as a cupcake is uber cute with his freckles :P

Here is the show stealer - Hermione Granger cupcake!  She is the smartest one and is the prettiest one now! P
Oh I had to make Nagini - Voldemort's evil snake and I thought it would be soo cute to make a snake! But I'll make Voldemort the Good guys first! :P

Also the Golden snitch in which Dumbledore leaves Harry a special message! :)
When I get more time I'll make some of the other favorite characters too! Please let me know if you want so see any other characters!  I really want to make Hagrid, Dumbledore and Dobby! :P